Your Health and Wellbeing And Regular Drinking

While rehab affects each individual differently, routinely drinking to excess is likely to generate issues in both the long and short term.

The effects of alcohol are dependent on a variety of variables, including:

Body weight
Amount of body fat or muscle mass
Other medicines and drugs in a persons system
Various other chemicals in your beverages
How quick you drink
The quantity of food stuffs in your stomach
Alcohol consumption history
Tolerance to alcohol
Personal health and fitness
Mental health and emotional state.
Immediate impacts
Alcohol poisoning, death and coma Blackouts
Blurred vision
Dissheveled look
Accidents linked to tumbles, mishaps, physical violence and deliberate self-harm
Extreme state of minds (aggressiveness, elation, anxiety).
Lack of co-ordination.
Loss of inhibitions and a fictitious sense of confidence.
Automobile, bike and pedestrian incidents.
Queasiness and throwing up.
Reduced attention.
Slower reflexive responses.
Thickened speaking.
Long-term effects.

Alcohol dependenceAlcohol related brain injuries.

Cancer malignancies (including most cancers of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, gullet, bowel (in males) and breast (in females).
Hardened liver and liver failure.
Attention and long-term memory troubles.
Heart and cerebrovascular illness including hypertension and stroke.
Poor nutritional requirements.
Difficulties with the neurons of the arms and legs.
Sex-related and reproductive troubles (erectile dysfunction, fertility).
Body skin problems.
Stomach complaints and difficulties.

Relatives and relationship problems.
Inferior on the job effectiveness.
Juridical and monetary strains.

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